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Ensure your pet’s health, happiness

and comfort

We treat your pet like a member of our own family

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Seattle Trusted Dog Walking Services
Sarah’s Pet Care

[iconbox type=”11″ icon_title=”Dog Walking ” iconbox_content=”Tell us what you need! Leash-walk, backyard play, potty break…” icon_link_text=”VIEW SERVICES” icon_link_url=”https://sarahspetcare.net/services/dog-walking-services/” icon_image=”906″ icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]
[iconbox type=”11″ icon_title=”Group Off Leash Dog Park Trips ” iconbox_content=”A great way to give your well-socialized dog plenty of fun and exercise…” icon_link_text=”VIEW SERVICES” icon_link_url=”https://sarahspetcare.net/services/off-leash-dog-parks/” icon_image=”608″ icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]
[iconbox type=”11″ icon_title=”The “Long Day“” iconbox_content=”Sarah’s Pet Care created the “long day” for clients who don’t want their dogs to be home alone for extended stretches.” icon_link_text=”VIEW SERVICES” icon_link_url=”https://sarahspetcare.net/services/long-day/” icon_image=”647″ icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]
[iconbox type=”11″ icon_title=”Pet Taxi” iconbox_content=”Travel in style to the vet, groomer, boarding facility…” icon_link_text=”VIEW SERVICES” icon_link_url=”https://sarahspetcare.net/services/pet-taxi/” icon_image=”132″ icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]
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Have a special request for your pet’s care?

We’re happy to accommodate special requests whenever possible.
Contact us to discuss your pet’s needs.

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Why Choose Us?

At Sarah’s Pet Care we’re passionate about your pet’s health, happiness and comfort. You see, our pet clients are like members of our own family and we treat them as such, with lots of love, oodles of affection, and a sharp eye on all of their needs. More reasons to choose Sarah’s Pet Care:
[ul type=”check”][li]We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured[/li][li]Our staff is pet CPR-trained[/li][li]All staff members have passed a criminal background check[/li][li]We offer easy-to-use, secure, online scheduling and payments[/li][/ul]

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What Our Clients Say

[distance 0=””][testimonial_slider 0=””][testimonial_item name=”Phoenix H” img=”902″ testimonial_content=”We were impressed with Sarah and her team, their professionalism, and their expertise from the moment we met them. The peace of mind we get from this team is priceless.”][testimonial_item name=”Lynn M” img=”909″ testimonial_content=”We have been using Sarah’s Pet Care for 2-3 years now. Best pet care we have EVER had and we trust them implicitly.
Sarah’s is really the gold standard to which all pet care companies should be held.”][testimonial_item name=”Alicia F” img=”900″ testimonial_content=”We love the convenience and knowing that our dog gets his meds and some attention in the middle of the day.
Sarah’s Pet Care is the best.”][testimonial_item name=”Stella B” img=”649″ testimonial_content=”I would not be able to have peace of mind at my job without Sarah’s Pet Care. I feel completely secure with anyone on Sarah’s team in my home and with my fur kids.”][/testimonial_slider][distance 0=””]
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seattle dog walking service area

Our Service Area

We service Seattle, the Eastside and South Snohomish County. Our safe, small-group dog park trips take us to a variety of the area’s best off-leash parks.

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A Day at Dr. Jose Rizal Park

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