Phoenix H.

We were impressed with Sarah and her team, their professionalism, and their expertise from the moment we met them. They’ve been thoughtful and accommodating to the individual needs of our dogs and our family. It’s great to know that our animals get exercise and attention in the middle of the day, and we really appreciate the text updates. It’s the unsolicited dedication and genuine caring for our animals that makes the Sarah's Pet Care team so spectacular, and the peace of mind we get from this team is priceless. We don't know what we'd do without them!

Lynn M.

We have been using Sarah's Pet Care for 2-3 years now. They are excellent at scheduling and communication, and modifying your pet's visits/routine to your pet's needs. Unfailingly nice, fun, reliable, and great quality. Best pet care we have EVER had and we trust them implicitly. Sarah's is really the gold standard to which all pet care companies should be held.

Alicia F.

We love Sarah's Pet Care! My dog has to have medications on time, but I have to work and often have after work activities. That's where Sarah's Pet Care comes in. Every week my dog gets picked up and dropped off and gets to socialize with dog friends at the park. We love the convenience and knowing that our dog gets his meds and some attention in the middle of the day. Sarah's Pet Care is the best.

Stella B.

I would not be able to have peace of mind at my job without Sarah's Pet Care. They drive over to my house, pick up my fur kids and take them on a hearty walk through my neighborhood. I look forward to the thoughtful texts they send to update me on how they did. When I come home from work I get to enjoy an exercised fur gang. I feel completely secure with anyone on Sarah's team in my home and with my fur kids. I highly recommend this team!

Jan W.

I am really, really picky when it comes to pet sitters! I have tried other solutions for caring for my cat while I was away. Sarah's service is absolutely the best solution for us. When I return from trips my cat is happy to see me, not distressed by the experience of my absence at all. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Sarah's service!

Norma S.

We wanted our rescue Chihuahua, JP, to have potty breaks while we were at work. We did not realize how stressful this would be for him. Sarah has been the perfect fit. Her patience, kindness, and firmness has won him over. Her professionalism has won us over.

Phil and Bridgett D.

Sarah and Matt have been a great fit for us and our two golden retrievers. We could tell at our first meeting that the dogs liked and trusted them. We did too! They have been dependable, consistent and flexible. In a couple of cases they even have been able to accommodate last minute requests. It makes such a difference to be able to leave home knowing that our dogs are receiving the care they need. Thank you Sarah and Matt!


Sarah’s Pet Care goes the extra mile to provide the best customer service possible. We have used several of the preferred kennels in the greater Seattle area but we have found that with Sarah's Pet Care our animals receive more individual attention and care. Thank you Sarah's Pet Care for providing excellent customer service and taking care of our animals while we are away!

Lori S.

I've used the services of Sarah's Pet Care many times now. I'm very impressed with their professionalism, care, respect and fun. I have an elderly indoor cat and a semi-feral outdoor cat. Sarah and Matt have taken care of my kitties very well, including some of the quirky things the kitties need, including meds, special food, litter box, sanitary care, and some eating assistance. They've also texted me after visits, which I love. They give me great peace of mind while I'm away. I'd highly recommend Sarah's Pet Care (and have recommended to several friends and family)!

Leann V.

Sarah and Matt are great! They take my dog to the park every day during the week. My shy dog is more outgoing and has made some friends at the dog park. I'm so glad to have found Sarah's service!

Traisa S.

Sarah's Pet Care is excellent. They are extremely easy to schedule and have always been available when we need them. And we love that they'll text notes and pictures now and then while we're away!

Afton S.

Sarah's Pet Care is simply the best! They have been taking my puppy out for walks each week. Sarah and her team are great and I highly recommend them.