Don’t Forget These Emergency Kit Essentials for Your Pets

Don’t Forget These Emergency Kit Essentials for Your Pets

Seattleites are used to talk of “The Big One” — the megaquake projected to happen sometime in the Pacific Northwest’s not-so-distant future. Should a natural disaster strike, you and your family want to be prepared with an evacuation plan and a stockpile of emergency goods. You may already have a disaster kit ready to go for the human members of the family — but what happens to your fur babies in the event of an earthquake or other unforeseen event? If your pets aren’t yet part of your emergency plan, it’s best to tackle your strategy as soon as possible to avoid being caught off guard in a worst case scenario.

In the spirit of National Preparedness Month, start by curating a pet disaster kit with all the essentials. Keep one in the house or garage and one in your car, or keep a portable kit in an easily accessible area. If possible, consolidate your pet’s stash with your family’s own kit for convenient grab-and-go. The ASPCA recommends including the following items:

  • Sealed, nonperishable food, bottled water, plus serving supplies: Enough to last three to seven days.
  • Medication (if applicable): In case you’re unable to reach your vet during an emergency, include enough to last three to seven days.
  • First aid: Purchase a pre-assembled kit or make your own based on this handy ASPCA Animal Control Center infographic.
  • Pet carrier: Store a collapsible carrier to save space, or keep your bag/box of pet emergency supplies inside the carrier for an easy-to-carry solution.
  • Emergency contact information: This can include the addresses and phone numbers for nearby shelters, vets, boarding centers, animal poison control center, and other potential safe spaces. Keep these stored in your cell phone and keep a physical copy inside your kit.
  • Leash, collar, harness, ID tags: Yes, this applies to more than just dogs. Your cat (or rabbit, ferret, or other harness-able animal) may also need these in case of an emergency. An animal under stress can run away and become lost.
  • Potty supplies: You’ll need a portable/disposable litter box, scoop, and litter for your cat, and disposable doggie bags for picking up after Fido. Pee pads can be useful for puppies.
  • Comforts of home: Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys, blankets, or bedding!

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