Sarah’s Pet Care Waiver

  • Sarah's Pet Care, LLC
    Waiver, Medical Power of Attorney, Authorization and Acknowledgements
  • I,
  • Full Name
  • the undersigned owner of pet(s) named,
  • Pet Name(s)
  • do hereby release, indemnify and forever hold harmless Sarah's Pet Care, LLC (SPC) from any and all liabilities (including attorney's fees) arising out of or connected with injuries, illness, loss, damage or other harm to myself, my pet, my property, and my clients and invitees which arise in any way out of services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of my association with SPC.

    I acknowledge that animals can be unpredictable in behavior, and I understand that injuries to my pet and myself might reasonably be foreseen to result from my pet's participation with SPC. If I have authorized off leash dog park visits, I am fully aware that SPC allows socialization and interaction of off-leash dogs in its custody and care and accordingly I assume any and all risks related to SPC's performance of its services, including but not limited to bites, bodily injury, illness and disease, theft, falls, collisions with vehicles, natural disasters and death. I also agree to assume all liabilities, costs, damages, claims and expenses that may occur as a result of my pet's actions. If, in my absence, my pet should be injured, become ill or suffer an ailment or is otherwise deemed by SPC to require immediate medical attention, SPC, in its sole discretion, is authorized to make all health care decisions on my behalf, and may utilize the services of a licensed veterinarian to administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the pet at my sole expense. I hereby indemnify SPC from any action, claim, demand or lawsuit (including attorney's fees) arising out of or connected with the charges made by any veterinarian caring for my pet.

    I hereby certify and represent that my pet is in good health and has not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 30 days. I also represent that my pet is and will remain current on its vaccinations for Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP, at any time that my pet is under the care of SPC. I further certify that my pet has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other animal, and that if it has done so, I have informed SPC of this in full detail. I understand that SPC reserves the right to refuse or rescind service for pets who, in SPC's sole determination, act aggressively, are undisciplined, evidence inappropriate behavior or who might otherwise be a danger to themselves, other animals or people. I certify and represent that all of the information provided to SPC in writing or otherwise relating to myself and my pet is true and correct.

    I specifically represent that I am the sole owner or agent of the owner of my pet, and that I am authorized to sign this contract. I will immediately notify SPC of any changes to what I have represented above.

    By providing my signature, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and accept the terms outlined above and I accept exclusive and sole responsibility for these and all other risks and release Sarah's Pet Care of all liability.

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