The “Long Day”

Sarah’s Pet Care created the “long day” for clients who don’t want their dogs to be home alone for extended stretches. When you schedule a long day, your pet will receive at least 4 hours of out-and-about time with one of our Pet Care Associates. This is essentially a nanny service for your dog, who will accompany his or her sitter throughout the course of the given day.

Each long day varies based on the sitter’s to-do list, but may include anything from walks to car rides or errands. The long day:

  • Includes at least 4 hours of out-and-about time with sitter (at least 1 hour of which will be concentrated exercise).
  • May include walks or park trips with other dogs on a sitter’s rounds.
  • Provides general extended companionship and stimulation rather than a focused adventure.
  • Is not intended for dogs who do not get along well with other pets.

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$50 per day
Additional Dogs: $20 per dog
Additional dogs from same household only.

Additional fees apply for premium hours and holidays.

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