Pet Photography

Sarah’s Pet Care also offers professional pet photography services!

While most area pet photographers charge a $250-350 sitting fee, and digital photos at about $50 per shot, Sarah’s Pet Care offers existing clients a free, 2-hour photo session. After the session, high-resolution, digital photos are available for purchase at $35 each. A range of prints and photo-related products are also available. All photos are taken by Sarah’s Pet Care COO, Matt McCauley.

For prospective clients, we offer a 1-hour portrait session for $50 and high-resolution, digital images for $50 each, as well as a range of prints and photo-related products.

We also offer video services, including dog-mounted GoPro™ footage, so you can see your pup’s outing from a dog’s-eye view! Just let us know if you are interested in this special service.

More about the photographer:
Sarah’s Pet Care COO Matt McCauley received his first 35mm camera on his 14th birthday, way back in the day. He then rose to enviable heights as the North Mercer Island Junior High School yearbook photographer. He’s been polishing his skills ever since, today creating stunning and artistic photos, including landscapes, still lifes and, of course, people and pet portraiture.

Check out Matt’s pet portfolio here.

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After your photo shoot, visit our online photography site to view your photos and purchase downloads, prints and other products.

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