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Why Hire a Dog Walker in Seattle or Sitter?

In addition to the obvious basics, such as eating and sleeping, every dog needs daily exercise and attention to stay healthy and happy. Our private dog walking services allow you, a busy pet parent, to manage your schedule while trusting your pet remains entertained and cared for while you’re away.

Sarah’s Pet Care specializes in custom services to meet your — and, of course, your pet’s — unique needs. We understand and anticipate that pets and owners are dedicated to their own special routine, and we encourage our clients to communicate with us for maximum collaboration.

We pride ourselves on all the details that make your pet (and you!) happy. For example, does your pet like backyard play? Require medication administration? Litter box need extra cleaning? Are belly rubs a favorite? We want to know!


Your pet needs regular physical activity to lead a long, healthy, and happy life. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54-59% of U.S. dogs and cats are severely overweight. To prevent future complications due to weight and poor health (and avoid hefty veterinarian bills), it’s important to ensure your pet enjoys at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Socialization and Stimulation:

Pets are curious creatures, and many love to encounter and explore new things. A walk isn’t just a great source of exercise for your pup — the chance to get outside provides the stimuli pets crave. Your dog can sniff everything in sight, roll around in the cool grass, and perk up at the sound of twittering birds. Plus, interaction with passing animals and humans encourages proper socialization.


Do you come home to a hyperactive pup at the end of the day? It feels good to know your pet is excited to see you, but they may also be exhibiting pent-up energy from being cooped up inside all day. Regular walks and play sessions allow them to release this energy during the day so they are less wound-up in the evening. As a result, you hear less barking and see less chewing, biting, and in-house accidents.

Busy Schedule:

We all love spending time with our animals, but we also live in a 9-5 world. Most of us wake up early, take our pets out to use the bathroom, fill their food and water bowls, and say farewell until we see them after work. By hiring a dog walker, you ensure your pet stays happy while you’re gone and receives the exercise and stimulation they need. Once you arrive home from a long day, you won’t have to worry about taking your dog for a long walk. Instead of cleaning up special surprises on the floor and trying to undo hours of boredom, spend your free time giving belly rubs, squeaking toys, and relaxing on the couch with your best friend!

Home Visits for Canines, Felines, and Everyone in Between!

In addition to visiting your home during dog walking visits, we also offer home check-ins for your beloved cat, guinea pig, turtle… you name it! Your sitter will be assigned based on your location. No matter the visit type, we request an at-least two-hour time frame in which we may arrive (for example, between 11am – 1pm). Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for potty-training puppies, elderly pets, and pets with medical needs.

Upon arriving within the agreed-upon time frame, we’ll make our way through the instructions you provide within the visit length you’ve chosen. Perhaps your puppy needs a potty break or your cat’s litter box needs scooping. Or maybe you’d like someone to practice leash-walking with your young dog or refill your hamster’s water bottle. From playtime to mealtime and cleaning up reasonable messes, we’ll do our very best using the supplies you provide.

Sarah’s Pet Care clients receive access to our proprietary online portal, powered by Precise Petcare. Your subscription allows you to access personalized records, manage scheduling, and request upcoming visits. Log into your account to manage your pet’s care experience! If you are interested in becoming a Sarah’s Pet Care client, please contact us.

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30 Minute Visit: $30
60 Minute Visit: $40
Additional Dogs: $10 per dog
Additional dogs from same household only.

Add-on: Yard Poop-Scooping
$10 First Dog
$5 Each Additional Dog
Up to 15 minutes within visit/walk service period. Client provides necessary supplies.

Additional fees apply for premium hours and holidays.

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