Help Your Dog Weather a Storm

Help Your Dog Weather a Storm

It’s very common for dogs to become upset and frightened during loud thunder, lightning, and heavy rain or snow. Dogs are especially sensitive to changes in barometric pressure and can often sense a coming storm before you can and may begin to act strangely in the hours leading up to a major weather event. Despite the natural inclination to sit with your dog and speak soothingly in an effort to calm them down, this may actually reinforce their anxiety in the long run. Instead, try these techniques to help ease your dog’s fear of storms and teach them they have no reason to be upset.

Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Dogs can pick up on human emotions, so if you’re anxious or acting as though the storm is a stressful occurrence, they’ll feel that as well. They’ll sense your anxiety and will feel worse as a result, but if you go about your business and treat the storm for what it is, your dog is likely to be more comfortable.

Provide a Safe Space

  • Provide a safe, comfortable, enclosed area for your dog to securely wait out a passing storm. A small, comfortable room without too many windows, one that your dog already likes to hang out in, would be a good choice. Or if your dog is crate trained, use their crate with a blanket over it, making it a dark, cozy cave. Provide a blanket and favorite toy or chew for comfort. If your dog’s primary living space is outside, bring your dog inside for the duration of the storm.

Close the Doors and Windows

  • While you may enjoy the sound of rolling thunder and trickling rain, it may be too intense for your dog to handle. During storms, keep your doors and windows closed and draw the blinds or curtains during lightning storms. Moving your dog away from doors to the outside will also reduce anxiety caused when people come in and out. So will turning on the TV or radio, as familiar sounds can distract your dog and dull the noise of the storm outside.

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