Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained During the Workday

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained During the Workday

It’s no secret that even the shyest pets tend to imprint on their owners. While this can mean a whole lot of love, snuggles, pets and playtime, it can also spell trouble when the lovefest must be placed on pause from 9 to 5. Dogs and cats who suffer from separation anxiety can become anxious, distressed, or act out while you’re away — and this can the form of potty accidents, excessive barking or vocalizing, hiding, chewing your personal belongings, shredding the furniture, or other destructive activities.

Ease your fuzzball’s stress by planning ahead and planting metaphorical Easter eggs around the house for them to discover and use as self-entertainment throughout the workday.

1. Interactive toys

Dogs and cats (and especially puppies and kittens) with boundless energy will likely search for ways to continue playtime even after you lock up for the day. Unless you present them with positive opportunities, they might just get creative with your favorite pair of shoes! When you aren’t able to play fetch or wave your cat’s favorite wand, interactive goodies such as food puzzles, treat balls, motorized or motion-activated toys, chaser/track toys, and catnip toys for kitty can be effective and fun alternatives.

2. Furry feng shui

Strategic furniture placement is key. A couch or armchair backed up against a window can provide your pet with endless entertainment (and, of course, it’s free!). Cats and dogs can tap into their instinctive predatory nature as they watch neighborhood birds, squirrels, and humans pass by. Just make sure your windows remain shut, as a dog or cat who is geared up to hunt can easily push out even a seemingly secure screen.

3. TV time

High-tech pets can plug in and stay entertained when you leave the TV on. Try adding canine-tailored programming such as Dog TV, a digital TV channel scientifically designed to catch your dog’s eye and perk his ears. If you’re worried about racking up your electricity bill or simply want to conserve energy, set your TV’s sleep timer to switch off an hour after you leave. For cats, YouTube is chock-full of cat-approved videos and channels featuring birds, mice, and other tasty treats.

4. Interactive cam

Investing in an interactive pet cam can help ease your own separation anxiety when you’re missing your best friend, in addition to keeping them company. Though the market is growing, a few current options include Petcube, Pawbo, Petzi, and Kittyo. Typical cams come equipped with a variety of features, from 2-way audio and treat dispensers to smartphone app-controlled lasers and toys. Virtual check-ins can do wonders for your peace of mind (and your pet’s)!

5. Hire help

Focus on your busy day and trust Sarah’s Pet Care associates with sitting. Our animal-loving professionals will keep your pet company during a home visit or help your dog burn off some energy on a walk. Got an especially social pup? Schedule a playdate outing with a group off-leash park trip! Book now to enrich your pet’s alone time!