CodlThe 75th National
Dog Week barks off this
week running Sept. 19
through Sept. 25
This year’s theme is “Man’s Best Friend”,
which is a great description of our relationship with dogs.
It is a chance to get back on track and show how much you truly appreciate
your dog this week.

National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, a
former publisher of Dog World Magazine and a dog judge. He
created National Dog Week to educate all dog owners in their
responsibilities to their pets and to their communities. The origin
of “man’s best friend” is alleged to have come from a closing
argument given by Sen. George Graham Vest. Vest was representing
a man whose dog was shot and killed by a neighbor.

In his closing statement, Vest gave what has become the
famous “Tribute to the American Dog.” The speech was so
powerful that it won the case. Here is an excerpt from this
famous speech that truly shows how much a
dog means to his owner, “The one
absolutely unselfish friend that man can
have in this selfish world, the one that never
deserts him, the one that never proves
ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.”
Definitely take the time out this week to give
your dog the treatment that they deserve.

• An easy way is to take 5 mins. off of your dog to play with them.• Take them to the vet for a check-up. Make sure your
dog is up to date with their shots.

• Pamper them with some new toys or treats.

• Take some new photos for the photo album with
your dog and family.

• Host a party for all the dogs on the block or your friends’ dogs.

• Donate money or food.

• Invite local veterinarians and groomers to give
lectures on proper care.

• Organize informal dog shows at the local dog park.

• Adopt a dog from the local pet shelter.


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